Quescall Manager to facilitate the work with surveys

The communication with business partners increasingly takes place via questionnaires. This kind of acquiring information is given little attention althought this is much of importance in these days. With regard to an effective time management, Quescall Manager is a profitable survey management tool that reduces work through automatic mechanisms.

"Quescall Manager for a simple management of questionnaires"

It does not matter to which size or industry your company belongs. Our flexible survey tool works with automatism and therefore can be adapted to your individual requirements. 

Benefits of acquiring Quescall Manager

This version provides the following benefits:

- support in the preparation of surveys 

- creation and implementation of surveys  

- simple management of the previously sent questionnaires, monitoring of the receipts

- no storage of personal or corporate data on the internet

- complete control over user and data

- transparent costs due to the purchase of a license 

How to acquire Quescall Manager?

Through a one-off payment in the amount of 2480,00 Euro per workplace you can use all features provided by Quescall Manager as well as easily manage your surveys. Therefore you only have to send an email to info@quescall.com. Soon after we will contact you and actively support you.

The continuous development of our innovative survey tool is the precondition for quality. For this purpose it is really important to accept the wishes and suggestions of our customers and to implement these in an efficient and targeted way.  This makes it possible to offer you the required benefits.  
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